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Final Fantasy IV : The complete collection
01-16-2016, 04:23 AM
Post: #487
RE: Final Fantasy IV : The complete collection
In general, the Direct3D 9 backend for PPSSPP is in all ways worse than the OpenGL one. It has less features, less testing, and more bugs than the OpenGL backend. Direct3D 9 itself does not support many of the OpenGL features we need, so it will _never_ be on par with the OpenGL backend.

However, some video cards have poor OpenGL support. So in those cases, you'll get a better experience with Direct3D 9. This won't necessarily be true for people with different video cards. It's an issue of bad drivers usually.

If you can run OpenGL, I recommend running OpenGL.

For mobile devices, it's not relevant. Many Android devices have buggy or terrible OpenGL ES drivers, but usually this just comes at a speed penalty or buggy rendering penalty (which are more possible to workaround), but not crashes like on some buggy desktop OpenGL drivers (which are in some cases almost impossible to workaround.)

I believe AMD drivers also ship with an option that used to be called Catalyst AI, which analyzes the game you're playing and tries to do (unexplained magic) to make it better. Having this enabled pretty much always crashed PPSSPP for AMD users, but I haven't heard about the problem for a while. Maybe Catalyst AI isn't available for Direct3D 9, which might explain it being more stable on an AMD card.

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