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[how-to] Better game play for newbs ;)
03-24-2013, 01:17 PM (This post was last modified: 03-24-2013 05:05 PM by murgero.)
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[how-to] Better game play for newbs ;)
EDIT: I forgot some simple warnings in the original post.

First off, This is not recommended by any said, or non-said manufacturer.
Therefore, You are ding this at your own risk, on your own time, and by doing said tutorial, you hereby claim that you and only you are responsible for any and all "bricks" or broken hardware.


Okay so you got a working game.

Is it running at 20fps?

Too slow but kinda playable at some parts?

Here is what you need to get it running to at least 45-60FPS(on most dual-core/Quad-core devices)

-Custom Kernal for your device that supports Overclocking and Under/Over volting(google for your device at XDA Forums)

-Custom ROM (Usually Cyanogenmod is GREAT, but some phones do not support this rom, AOSP/AOKP)<-(google for your device at XDA Forums)


So after getting the required above, follow the steps to flash each to your device. (Again google, youtube and XDA Forums is your BEST FRIEND)
If the Kernel came with an application for over clocking, use that, other wise, your overclock settings are in settings (Or market for older devices use SetCPU)

Use the following settings:

Max CPU Frequency: Check with the provider of the Custom Kernel for maximum SAFE frequency.
Min CPU Frequency: Use a frequency that is anywhere from 200-400 mhz lower than the max you set. (Prevents Frying the CPU)

Set the govenor: ondemand OR Performance (either is good, but i usually suggest ondemand for better battery and performance for slightly older devices like the samsung galaxy S2/ Motorola Atrix)

If your Kernel supports it (KTOONSEZ Kernel for Samsung S3 for example)
Set touch profile 1 to max Mhz <- Only some kernels support this!!!
Set Touch profile 2 to max Mhz <- Only some kernels support this!!!

Now time for the emulator:
For most games, i recommend using the latest PPSSPP Build off the homepage here (Some case require an older build, same settings apply!)

Settings for MOST NOT ALL GAMES:


Buffered Rendering <- might actually lower performance, but improves Display, use this one how you want
Hardware Transform (If supported by device)
Vertex Cache
JIT(Dynarec) WITH FASTMEM <- most cases it does help but some games may crash and burn with FASTMEM on.

Well thats it, if any update is needed, I will do so.

Otherwise, enjoy!!
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