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Cache Full ISO in RAM Question
06-14-2016, 01:21 PM
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RE: Cache Full ISO in RAM Question
(06-13-2016 09:59 AM)LunaMoo Wrote:  @Avatarass any flash memory is already much faster than UMD and also cannot suffer from very specific problems this feature works around when using hdd's, so no it won't be enabled on android, it's pointless and wouldn't help any issue you might have.

I know Rockstar games in general suffer a lot of slowdowns from vertex cache which is enabled by default, so you might try disabling it if you didn't yet, but don't have the game and don't know any "loading lags" it might have. Might just be too heavy for your device or if you can run it at full speed simply load some things slow by design.

Well, I tried disabling vertex cashing, and also loaded the ROM onto internal memory from my USB 3.0 hard drive. It didn't fix the issue. Also I enabled all the speedup hacks, but unsuccessful.

By loading lags I mean the micro freezes that you get when you travel through the city at fast speed, and the game tries to load new assets. It's pretty noticeable, for example, in the second the game loads something the average frame rate will drop go as down as 25, with single large delay between frames somewhere in the middle. I doubt the issue is in the memory, or my device (nvidia shield tv, as fast as it gets).
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