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Cache Full ISO in RAM Question
06-04-2016, 06:07 PM
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RE: Cache Full ISO in RAM Question
It's a subtle difference, really.

First off, your operating system will cache the parts of the ISO you access. So if you load the game once, and then try loading with it off and on, it'll be basically the same. After loading it the first time, it'll be coming from RAM, and fast. Your OS says, "you're welcome."

Secondly, if you were playing on a PSP with a UMD, any time it accessed the ISO, you would hear it spin up. And it would be slow. Sometimes special effects do this, but generally games load everything they need for a scene beforehand. So this usually has no impact on in-game performance - just on loading time.

So, then why does the option exist?

Simple. Sometimes people will play a game, fighting enemies or whatever, for long enough that their disk goes to sleep. Then, when they go to a new area, the game has to load new data.... and that is slow, because the disk has to wake up first.

It can also speed up loading a little when the disk isn't asleep yet, but on desktops disks are usually fast enough that this isn't a noticeable difference.

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