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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops US [ULUS-10202]
04-21-2018, 07:06 AM
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(06-01-2016 06:14 PM)iPPSSPP Wrote:  Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops US [ULUS-10202]

_C0 Infinite Items, Weapons and Ammo
_L 0x8022442E 0x004E0001
_L 0x1000270F 0x00000000

_C0 Equip Claymore
_L 0x0021CA90 0x0000001C

_C0 Equip Stealth Camo
_L 0x1021CA92 0x00004014

_C0 Max Weapons, Items and Ammo
_L 0x1022442E 0x0000270F
_L 0x10224430 0x0000270F
_L 0x10224432 0x0000270F

_C0 Infinite Ammo MK22
_L 0x11358B84 0x00000028
_L 0x1021CA40 0x00000009
_L 0x11358B8C 0x00000009

_C0 Infinite Stamina
_L 0x2021CC08 0x00018670

_C0 Infinite Health
_L 0x10251790 0x0000012C

_C0 Infinite Life (Snake)
_L 00251790 0x22000200

_C0 Max MediKits
_L 0x10224474 0x000003E7

_C0 Max MK22
_L 0x10224432 0x000003E7

_C0 Max Rations
_L 0x10224478 0x000003E7

_C0 M1911A1 Max
_L 0x00224434 0x000270F

_C0 M37 Max
_L 0x00224442 0x000270F

_C0 M63 Max
_L 0x00224446 0x000270F

_C0 M870 Max
_L 0x00224444 0x000270F

_C0 RPG-7 Max
_L 0x0022444C 0x000270F

_C0 SAA Max
_L 0x00224436 0x000270F

_C0 SVD Max
_L 0x00224448 0x000270F

_C0 UZI Max
_L 0x0022443A 0x000270F

_C0 XM177E2 Max
_L 0x0022443E 0x000270F

_C0 S Rank Assault Rifle
_L 0x0021CC1E 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Handgun
_L 0x0021CC1C 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Shotgun
_L 0x0021CC1F 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Sniper Rifle
_L 0x0021CC20 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Submachine Gun
_L 0x0021CC1D 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Heavy Weapon
_L 0x0021CC21 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Knife
_L 0x0021CC22 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Medical
_L 0x0021CC26 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Technical
_L 0x0021CC25 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Throwing Weapon
_L 0x0021CC23 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Trap
_L 0x0021CC24 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Assault Rifle (Snake)
_L 0x0021CA86 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Handgun (Snake)
_L 0x0021CA84 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Shotgun (Snake)
_L 0x0021CA87 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Sniper Rifle (Snake)
_L 0x0021CA88 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Submachine Gun (Snake)
_L 0x0021CA85 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Heavy Weapon (Snake)
_L 0x0021CA89 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Knife (Snake)
_L 0x0021CA8A 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Throwing Weapon (Snake)
_L 0x0021CA8B 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Trap
_L 0x0021CA8C 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Medical (Snake)
_L 0x0021CA8E 0x00000003

_C0 S Rank Technical (Snake)
_L 0x0021CA8D 0x00000003

If there is a issue, report it to me. Exclamation
It works thnxHeart
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