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My experience on PSP Street White E1008
04-21-2016, 02:59 AM
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RE: My experience on PSP Street White E1008
(04-20-2016 02:15 PM)TkSilver Wrote:  It shouldn't damage the card..... if the psp street has a spring lock for the memory card that can get worn out.

Before you can do some homebrew (some is officially signed since the keys got hacked) you will need to install custom firmware (cfw) on your psp. As an added benefit though you will also get access to cwcheats on your psp as well which is always nice to have.

Also as far as memory cards go music will be fine (in reasonable numbers) on most MS pro duo cards except for the smallest sizes. Most homebrew wil be fine on 512MB cards (or larger). Videos are best left for 1GB cards or larger (if you planning on a movie or more then 1 or 2 30 min episodes). And PSP iso files backed up from your UMDa (for easier portability) xan be anywhere from less then 100MB to really pushing close to 2GB (well 1.8GB disk size maybe a little bigger if patched with a fan patch) and honestly if you include system files and savegames really a 4GB card or larger is recomended for native PSP games.

Or you could get a microSD to MS pro duo adapter and save a lot of hassle.

Ya,when i first bought this PSP Street,mine was a microSD to MS pro duo adapter.The first time i discover ,is that the adapter is quite easy broken,if not taken care of it,although i had used this adapter with a 16GB micro SD quite a long time,without any problem. Luckily the Micro SD Card 16GB ADATA is function probably Wink

Thus mine PSP Had been hack already,because our country on buying PSP ,sure the shop owner or assistant will install a custom firmware for us.Especially on south east asia country,no one were care about the Original games,because the main reason is those games is too expensive for those develop country Sad ,only if those console were 100% need original games to play,like a PS4,3DS,Xbox 1 and a VITA,and its also one of the reason PSP UMD is that no one are EVEN border to buy and play,they just put the ISO to play it on PSP....Which is kinda sad for those who wanna collecting those original games to play.

PC:Pentium G2020 ,Gigabyte Geforce GT630 1GB,8GB Kingston Ram
PSP: E1008 White Street
PC Joystick: Logitech F310
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