Poll: Should I get Maxwell gtx 970m (6gb) or should I wait to get a Pascal Gpu?
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Maxwell 970m vs Pascal ???
03-16-2016, 06:47 PM
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RE: Maxwell 970m vs Pascal ???
Well the first and most important question is do you absolutely have to have a laptop?

If you do, are you willing to to wait possibly a year or slightly more for Pascal based GPUs to be made mobile?

Personally unless you travel a lot, and can not survive the trips with out some full gaming, I would recomend a desktop over a laptop. Even if we ignore the ability to upgrade the desktop (due to laptops getting eGPU/ other recent changes), then there is still the undeniable fact that you could either get the same performance for a lot less money or vastly (more then 2x) improve performance for the same price.

If you must have a laptop then honestly no one has enough information yet on chips that do not even exist yet to give a very accurate answer. Also only you know how much theoretical performance you are willing to give up for how much possible length of time it will take to get a new mobile gpu line.
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