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Everybody's Tennis™
11-09-2014, 01:20 PM
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RE: Everybody's Tennis™
My Everybody's Tennis test.

It's my first time using PPSSPP and Everybody's Tennis is the first game I'm testing, the game I'm in love with x_x
Everything works great, there are only few graphic issues, which don't ruin the game in any way.

1) Customized avatars won't be displayed on the choosing character screen.
2a) Avatars icons aren't displayed in the screen corners during the game.
2b) As well as after the game, on the results screen (I mean "game" in terms of a tennis match).
2c) And on the match results screen.

And the most annoying issue is that multiplayer mode doesn't work! Q_Q I was hoping so much for that but the game freezes on the "entering game" screen Sad I mean... it doesn't freeze, it's just taking forever for a host to join his own room. I've made screen shots but it seems I can't post them, probably because I'm new here.

Is there any way to make this multiplayer mode work? Can I contact someone who can try to fix this? I really want to play it online with friends. It's a tennis game, perfect multiplayer title! Big Grin
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