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Sword Art Online - Infinity Moment
05-10-2013, 02:29 PM
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RE: Sword Art Online - Infinity Moment
(05-04-2013 08:48 AM)Kyousuke Wrote:  Did you see what happens when running a debug using visual studio? I can't do it now (some issue with visual studio files). If someone would try it, when the game stops on loading screen, open the Memory View from the Debug menu (or CTRL+M) and try selecting Normal, then Symbol. PPSSPP.exe should crash and visual studio might give some details, if that happens please post here everything (screenshots/logs/copy&paste anything). I just found about this crash, did anyone know about it? I wonder if it's a new bug.

To know how to run a debug in visual studio, you can send me a PM. I wanna play this game so much! XD

Mine version (NPJH-50701 ISO) can't be read with PPSSPP, it said "error loading data". I think, a pattern / core data within most PSP games (which is can be read by PPSSPP at initial start) is different with SAO's case.

So, I can't gather any "crash message". Sorry Sad
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