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(SOLVED) Window Resizing Issue ( OpenGL Only)
01-31-2016, 04:20 AM
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RE: Window Resizing Issue ( OpenGL Only)
Well I'm using W7 x64.

I fixed the issue by changing the drivers. I switched to a previous version Radeon r7 drivers from the newest, which I was using. So I downgraded rather than updated.. Yeah, updated backwards.

But I immediately re-installed the newest driver again (manually through Device Manager) after I noticed it was fixed to see if it was just some driver fluke as you mention. This has helped to fix crackling sound issues on my system several times as well. Wondering what causes the thing to mess up anyway if you've done nothing you know of to mess it up?... : )

Evidently the currently installed driver package got messed somehow... Wierd.

It's all working now in OpenGL.

I'll marked this as solved
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