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Compile under Ubuntu
11-13-2012, 07:03 AM
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RE: Compile under Ubuntu
hey thanks for replay,

i have the following problem i cant set the $NDK variable -.-

my ndk is located at: /usr/local/android-ndk-r8b

so i set:
PHP Code:
export NDK=/usr/local/android-ndk-r8b 

PHP Code:
now i typesh
: ./ab.shline 1: /usr/local/android-ndk-r8b/ndk-buildfile or directory not found 

PHP Code:
echo $NDK

/Dokumente/ppsspp/android$ echo $NDK
/usr/local/android-ndk-r8bfile or directory not found 

but i have set it to /usr/local/android-ndk-r8b

thats strange do i have forget something? i start to think that now the wants to load the files from /ppsspp/android/usr/local/......
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