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RANT: Disappointment with Apple
11-22-2015, 10:47 PM
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RE: RANT: Disappointment with Apple
milky i know how it is when u want something that not only looks and works cool but also and most important in fact is cool for u

we here are all PSP users and imagine if im creater of PSP console and i tell u hey u can buy other consoles for 50$ but well F*** them here is my PSP console its urs for 200$ but it wont play any full games and u only can play homebrews on it u can do S*** about software on it and it wont work with 3rd party software or hardware

and i dont need to say that u would look stupid or i would look like scamer cause it all goes down to how u feel about it

but in the end tell me dont u see something is just not right in the story i present to u above?

and thats what i think of apple (but i seen on my own eyes that behind that price goes quality but that is other story)

anyway i still use cell phone with keypad in fact this is my actual cell phone
[Image: 16878128494bd6a20faa9f9.jpg]

there are few reasons why this 1 is not new smartphone
1st of all i can set mp3 to ringtone with no matter how long time of track
like in windows phone not only it need to be less than 45 sec it also need to have RINGTONE title in genre ID3 tags

2nd all options that i need are stored in so god dam suggestive way its hard to search for any option at all even changing theme or adding unique ringtone to contact would be easy even for a retard

3rd upload and download from and to my cell phone stuff without any software pc see it as another HDD

4th im free to mess with its OS or any software on it i even can replace hardware in it without a problem

5th it have build in file manager i can move any file to anywhere on my phone or sd in and out with just copy and paste option in my phone

6th files dont need to be in native folders
(mp3's dont need to be in MUSIC folder to be listed in audio player
or any pictuers dont need to be in PICTURES or WALLPAPER folder to be listed in album)

but in the end there is only 1 main reason i can think of
in fact i feel free with my phone its old it looks like i would buy it in stone age but im not limited by company that made it by any means

i can do whatever i want with it and i dont need to worry about someone did on purpose blocked some option in my phone which i would want so much

CUSTOMIZING that is the word i like the best when i think about any piece of hardware

it all comes for me about how much i can adjust some piece of electrical junk to my needs and except WI-FI this phone got everything i need - well im almost not using it Big Grin

but when i wanted or needed to change anything in it (i did battery front panel and speakers) i never had any restriction/barrier or lack of option to do so

and thats why i did buy it

and now i dont realy understand ur problem
u did choose ur phone and u still keeping it ur not replacing it and u still have problem?

i dont want to be mean but its like u buy a car from APPLE but steering wheel turns only left (and u dont have option to replace steering mechanism cause apple says so) u cant turn right drive straight or go reverse and ur like well it looks amazing it have awesome audio system in it and i just love i keep it i dont wanna change it for anything else
maybe i buy another 1 from apple hmm?

and u still complain and have problem?


but if i can describe ur post with a picture i just found 1 that says more than any words

[Image: 802.jpg]

Try AntiMicro graphical program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad/controller.
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