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2 controllers on PPSSPP
10-18-2015, 04:57 PM
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RE: 2 controllers on PPSSPP
(10-15-2015 11:08 PM)that anon Wrote:  So this is what im trying to do:

I have two ppsspps set up (multiple windows), and i want to play multiplayer with my friends on one pc.

I have no problem with networking, its just that whenever i try and play one of the ppsspps, the controller inputs into both ppsspps.

Ive only actually tried it with one controller and not two yet, but is there a way to make one controller input into one window? Or will the problem be resolved when i actually use two controllers

1st of all there is ORDER in which gamepads are recoqnized by ur pc in short of it they have numbers so go on

u need to determine which gamepad is which
cause that order apply to every emulator or game u are playing on ur pc
for sake of u understanding what im trying to teach you lets call it SPECIAL ORDER

open ppsspp click game setting>control mapping....
and 1st option u see is Dpad Up
click + symbol next to it and on one of ur gamepads hit dpad up
now click + symbol again and hit dpad up on other gamepad
and now u will have numbers of each gamepad in their SPECIAL ORDER
it will look like this

[Image: yPWC7RX.png]

and from here on FIRST instance of ppsspp need to be configured for 1st gamepad and SECOND need to be configured for 2nd gamepad u just need to make sure to remove all other gamepads bindings from them

so like 1st instance of ppsspp dont have bindings for 2nd gamepad and vice-versa

Try AntiMicro graphical program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad/controller.
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