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Storm Lover Kai
08-05-2015, 01:42 AM
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RE: Storm Lover Kai
i spent hours looking so i thought i share this before its gone. i know for sure that the money, and stat cheats work. im not sure about the others.

_S ULJS-00504

· Possession gold MAX
_C0 Money MAX
_L 0x103079A6 0x0000270F

And action force 10 (I get is an abnormality in the screen when the phone. You repaired by the end sleeping)
_C0 Action MAX
_L 0x003079A5 0x0000000A

■ all subjects MAX
National language
_C0 Kokugo
_L 0x103079AC 0x000000FF
And science
_C0 Rika
_L 0x103079AE 0x000000FF
- Foreign language
_C0 Gaikokugo
_L 0x103079B0 0x000000FF
And social
_C0 Shakai
_L 0x103079B2 0x000000FF
And exercise
_C0 Undou
_L 0x103079B4 0x000000FF
And arts
_C0 Geijyutsu
_L 0x103079B6 0x000000FF

■ closeness MAX (16 decimal in FF = 10 decimal with a maximum of 255)
Woo Toki Yuto
_C0 LOVE Uduki Yuuto
_L 0x10307994 0x000000FF
· Mikoshiba Kyosuke
_C0 LOVE Mikoshiba Kyouhei
_L 0x10307996 0x000000FF
· Toratani Rikka
_C0 LOVE Toratani Rikka
_L 0x10307998 0x000000FF
· Mi-jo Takumi
_C0 LOVE Mishiro Takumi
_L 0x1030799A 0x000000FF
· TatsuHara Soya
_C0 LOVE Tatsuhara Souya
_L 0x1030799C 0x000000FF
· Igari Mio
_C0 LOVE Ikari Mio
_L 0x1030799E 0x000000FF
· Tori-suitsukasa
_C0 LOVE Sugai Tsukasa
_L 0x103079A0 0x000000FF

■ dissatisfaction MAX (in hexadecimal up to 120 at the end 78 = decimal number. The Once wanted to dissatisfaction to 0 78 Please change to 0)
Woo Toki Yuto
_C0 FUMAN Uduki Yuuto
_L 0x103079D6 0x00000078
· Mikoshiba Kyosuke 5
_C0 FUMAN Mikoshiba Kyouhei
_L 0x103079D8 0x00000078
· Toratani Rikka
_C0 FUMAN Toratani Rikka
_L 0x103079DA 0x00000078
· Mi-jo Takumi
_C0 FUMAN Mishiro Takumi
_L 0x103079DC 0x00000078
· TatsuHara So也
_C0 FUMAN Tatsuhara Souya
_L 0x103079DE 0x00000078
· Igari Mio
_C0 FUMAN Ikari Mio
_L 0x103079E0 0x00000078
· Tori-suitsukasa
_C0 FUMAN Sugai Tsukasa
_L 0x103079E2 0x00000078
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