Poll: How much time per week do you spend playing PPSSPP?
0 to 2 hours
3 to 7 hours
7 to 14 hours
15 to 21 hours
21 to 40 hours
more than 40 hours
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How often do you use PPSSPP?
07-05-2015, 10:36 PM
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How often do you use PPSSPP?
Hi everyone! I plan to write a paper about PPSSPP for my summer class, so I wanted to survey how people use PPSSPP.

Please answer the poll at the top.

Also, please make a post answering as many of these questions as you can:

1. How many days last week did you start up PPSSPP?

2. What games do you play using PPSSPP?

3. On what platform(s) do you use PPSSPP?

4. Is it difficult or easy to play your games? Why? I want to know whether it's incompatibility with your games or whether the controls just don't work out because of the platform you're using, etc.

5. How much do you play PSP games in comparison to games on other systems?

6. Do you try to make use of PPSSPP's Ad-Hoc Multiplayer feature? How well does is work for you? Was it easy to get working or difficult? Do you play with friends or find people using the forums or elsewhere?

7. Around when did you find out about and start using PPSSPP?

8. How did you find out about PPSSPP?

It will really help me if you respond! Thanks!
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