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PPSSPP on Chromebooks: An Almost Guide
06-21-2015, 11:32 PM
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PPSSPP on Chromebooks: An Almost Guide
I have it set up to the last step, at which point it crashes if someone could help me fix it, I would love to make a complete guide.

So my old (6 years or so) windows laptop finally gave out and I have to save up for a few more months to afford a new one. I do, however, have a school issued chromebook (which I cannot boot into dev mode and Linux, I would have if I could). You, reader, may have noticed that there is no version for the chromebook. Here's how I did it.

I downloaded the APK for android, and followed the steps one would to get it working on a chromebook (just google getting an android app working on a chromebook. It's easy.) Package it with twerk, load it an unpacked extension, have the android runtime installed (from evernote or a few others), easy as pie. PPSSPP starts up just fine, I can browse around settings and storage devices, and my ROMs show up, but when I try to start the actual ROM, it crashes. I have more knowledge than the average techie, I would say, but this is well above my pay grade. The console says the crash occurred at plugin.js at line 996 (something about line 777 in plugin.js too). I would like to finish this guide (and get it working for myself) so if someone has an idea, would you mind responding?
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PPSSPP on Chromebooks: An Almost Guide - Ryoutarou97 - 06-21-2015 11:32 PM

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