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No luck playing any games.
03-19-2013, 07:02 AM
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RE: No luck playing any games.
(03-18-2013 08:00 PM)KingPepper Wrote:  
(03-18-2013 07:43 PM)Thewonderboy Wrote:  Just wondering.

How do I know if the game file/archive is not "good" ? Does PPSSPP say something or crash ?

Also, if some games dont work on PC version, could they still work on Android version ?

In the emulators menu click debug tab then click on log console, take a look at the line that start at the beginning of the log.


At the end of that line it should say "Looks like a valid ISO!"

If not then your ISO or CSO is not a proper ISO file.

As for the second question, yes some games do work for some reason only on Android and not on PC, and Vice Versa, usually to do with whatever hardware is available to the emulator I suppose.

Hope that helps. Cool

Yes, thats plenty useful.

Though I supose you are talking about PC version since I forgot to mention that I talked about Android (Xperia Play) version mainly and didnt see debug menu.

Well, I'll check their validness once I get to home ;P

PSP Iso's look so messy, first I decided to test my friends rips which dont do anything, then I got "alternate solutions" which are either plain RAR files or weirdly compiled and come in varying sizes.

One of these games (Dragonball Z Shin budokai 2) gives me emulation FPS value (0.0) but I cant even open menu so it seems to freeze the app.
DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team doesnt give FPS value but menus work fine.

Ofcourse its possible that these games simply arent compatible yet.
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