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x86-64 vs ARMv8-A
04-03-2015, 06:04 PM
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RE: x86-64 vs ARMv8-A
For PPSSPP in particular, ARM vs Intel is probably not the biggest issue. Instead, it's the graphics card and its drivers.

You're right about some of the ARM vs Intel factors, but I would generally just look at benchmarks to prove those things out - power consumption, cpu performance, etc. will all have charts somewhere.

I for example have a Nexus 5. This is a 32-bit armv7 device, clocked at 2.25Ghz with an Adreno 330 GPU. Games that have trouble running at full speed are pretty much all limited by the GPU - which means even if it had a 4Ghz CPU, if the driver wasn't faster and the GPU was the same, it would still not run full speed in those games. It would probably have better FPS, but it wouldn't be much.

Anyway, the biggest thing I would recommend is just to be sure the device supports GLES 3.1. The Intel version has a PowerVR G6430, which is capable of 3.1, but I note that ASUS only states 3.0. 3.1 is important mainly because it'll be required for Vulkan, a new graphics API that most expect PPSSPP to run better on (actual results to be seen.)

I know that PPSSPP has has trouble with PowerVR devices, but I don't really know the state of the Rogue line (which is what the ZenFone 2 has.) And possibly Vulkan might even change this. But, if the Qualcomm version has an Adreno 4xx (which I guess it would?), it'll be an interesting comparison indeed.

Also, it's worth noting that work is still underway with the arm64 jit (Henrik has been working on it.) So far it looks like it's doing pretty well on a Nexus 9 (Tegra K1) as far as I understand.

At the end, the basic answer is that time will tell.

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