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GameCube emu perspectives?
11-11-2012, 11:25 AM
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RE: GameCube emu perspectives?
(11-11-2012 07:42 AM)kouta-kun Wrote:  
(11-10-2012 10:42 PM)zxcvbad Wrote:  It would be great to know Henrik opinion about possibility of porting dolphin emu to current specs android devices, I know it's hard work, gl to gles libraries, but technically will it be enough to have quadcore s4pro/2gbRAM/adreno320 to get playable experience?

I think the specks are way too low for current end android devices. The only laptop I've ever seen dolphin run playable on was the ASUS G75VW.

It depends on the game of course, but generally speaking it runs pretty good on an Asus n55sf with a core i7 turo-cored (consistently) to 2,8 ghz.

The point here is that even the latest and greatest phones comes nowhere near the performance of an Core i7 at 2,8 ghz.
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