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Controller Issues
03-21-2015, 08:25 PM
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Information RE: Controller Issues
(03-21-2015 05:45 PM)Chronograph Wrote:  Bump because this issue is getting frustrating to solve, Does anyone know whats wrong? The Application just flat out will not recognize the input of my controller, yet my computer does.
Hi there,

Sorry to hear your frustration, on this issue, let's try and resolve it somehow.

First up which version of PPSSPP are you using? Make sure you are using latest version of PPSSPP at time of writing this is v1.0.1-195-g87f31d0
Next up start up the emulator, select Settings / Controls / at the top click on Control mappings, on the following screen, you try Restoring the defaults, then see if that helped with your controller, obviously make sure the controller is connected, before starting up the emulator by the way.
Did that help? If not try clicking on Test Analogs to see if that is indeed responding to movement.
If none of this helps, but Analogs are responding to movement, it may just be a case of entering each key / analog axises in manually.
To do so, click on the big plus sign at the end of each line, the emulator will wait until you press some direction on your controller analogs or any key pressed.
Do that to each selection until you are satisfied, with them all.
At bottom left, click on Back, Back again, then exit emulator to store keys just entered, restart emulator should now work on all keys / analogs now.

Hope that helped.Cool
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