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Feature request: emulation of Sleep Mode
02-16-2015, 11:57 PM
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RE: Feature request: emulation of Sleep Mode
(02-16-2015 12:21 PM)Henrik Wrote:  Any idea how you'd like the user interface for this feature to work, without being very confusing? I can't think of a good way Tongue

er... what do you quite mean...? People confuse "sleep" with the "sleep" of the computer or with "stop"?

Maybe add an option to the quick menu (by that I mean the button at the top of the window that calls a menu with all 5 state slots and a shortcut to the options)? And when it's gone to sleep, show "your emulated PSP is in sleep mode" and a wake up button?

by the way, a question: do you plan to make PPSSPP suitable for TAS some day in the future?

ps. if you want to make it tas-able, add more savestate slots. You might need 10 of them, some players will even use 30.
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