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PPSSPP in true SBS stereo for Google Cardboard and similar(PC -> Phone)
02-03-2015, 06:30 PM (This post was last modified: 02-03-2015 07:18 PM by Blyss Sarania.)
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PPSSPP in true SBS stereo for Google Cardboard and similar(PC -> Phone)
So I discovered that with the D3D9 Backend, PPSSPP is now compatible with things like Tridef and IZ3D for side by side stereo. I thought I would post a very basic guide of how to set all this up for google cardboard for TRUE stereo.

Hardware you need:
Powerful PC
Powerful android phone
Google cardboard or similar(I use ColorCross headset)


1. Go to and download and install the IZ3D driver trial. You can also do this with Tridef, but Iz3d has better results IMO. Install it.

2. Get a software called Trinus Gyre for both your Phone(Android only) and PC. You can get the server from: and the client is on the play store. I recommend using the free test version which has a 10 minute limit until you see if this set up is right for you.

3. Enable the iz3d driver in it's control panel. Set the output mode to Side by Side. Run PPSSPP and set the backend to D3D9 if it's not already. The IZ3d wizard will start, just ignore it for now

4. Start the Trinus Gyre Server. Set it up like this for now:
[Image: Hvtee2N.png]

(You may need to lower the quality if your machine can't keep up).

5. If possible, USB tether your phone to your PC. Else connect with direct WIFI hotspot. Normal WIFI will lag badly

6. Start the Trinus Gyre Client on your phone. Leave it set up default.

7. Push the power like button on both client and server. It should start streaming.

8. Use the lense correction buttons to set up the warping and scaling properly for your phone - I can't help you here as it's different for each phone.

9. Make PPSSPP the active window

10. Put on your headset and follow the set up in the Iz3d wizard.

11. Profit

Well, as I said that's a very simple guide for getting true VR experience from PPSSPP. I have a video demo uploading, I'll post that in a bit. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Alright, here is a video:

Note this is true stereo - the images aren't just duplicated, IZ3D intercepts the Z buffer info and changes the positioning of stuff relative to each eye.

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PPSSPP in true SBS stereo for Google Cardboard and similar(PC -> Phone) - Blyss Sarania - 02-03-2015 06:30 PM

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