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[Linux] AMD/ATI, NVIDIA Open-source VS Close-source discussion
02-02-2015, 05:14 PM
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[Linux] AMD/ATI, NVIDIA Open-source VS Close-source discussion
I despise of making threads similar to this without giving a decent sum amount of information, but I've decided that this topic might actually be a bit of important chatter when it comes to performance and handling of certain games.

So the basic question is, has anyone done a comparison of how more demanding games run when handled between the opensource and closedsource drivers on both NVIDIA and AMD/ATI?

For starters, I run a laptop on Arch Linux with an AMD A4-4300M APU@ 2.5GHz [Radeon HD 7420G], and I've seen major stutters and issues with fullscreen on 2D/Lesser 3D games such as Persona, Yggdra Union, Disgae Series but Major Improvements on framerate and speed on games such as Monster Hunter Series (60/60 on 4x PSP size and 16x AF)

Most relevant change I can admit from jumping from open source to closer source was Disgae, which dropped from 60 FPS at the coffin scene at the start of the game to stuttery 30~40 FPS.
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[Linux] AMD/ATI, NVIDIA Open-source VS Close-source discussion - Succubi - 02-02-2015 05:14 PM

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