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Bug Report - Codes
01-14-2015, 10:03 AM (This post was last modified: 01-14-2015 12:46 PM by Melkor.)
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Bug Report - Codes
I have a problem here and I did my best to find a way to fix it but it's not me who is wrong here.

Here is the bug:

For example I am in game and I enable a code - The emu makes CTD and quits once the game tries to load.


if Leave the code WORKING eg Stays loaded at the boot of the emulated game without pausing the emulation by pressing ESC and then loading the stage the game doesn't freeze....
So what makes me think is just pressing ESC to pause the game to enable a code makes the emu crash when it tries to load a stage/level.


Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 2
PSSPP 1458 ...
I tried with different version of the emulator - Same thing.
What causes this

And this happened to me in Tekken 6 too. Just pressing ESC makes the game freeze when I try to activate something.
The codes themselves doesn't freeze the game but when DISBALED/ENABLED by the emu menu cause the game to crash...

Wonder what the reason is. Since this happens at random games/codes.

Here is what i did to solve this.

Saved a state with code enabled.
Emu crashes once the game loads something.

Run the emu again and load the state with the code enabled without going to the codes menu to switch it on/off
Game Loaded with the code enabled.
So tell me if this isn't some kind of a bug in the emu. Can this be fixed?

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