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[Tutorial] How to play on (formerly
05-17-2015, 04:56 PM (This post was last modified: 05-17-2015 05:07 PM by lumune.)
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RE: [Video Tutorial] How to play on
(05-16-2015 05:36 PM)RoskoDaneworth Wrote:  Hi lumune, we were talking on YouTube today (SasNolan)
I've installed Evolve, configurated it, but cant connect or host. I've tried Wipeout Pure.
I dont quite undertsnad what should I do after configurating Evolve.

P.S. Okay, I managed to get into Pure and Pulse server host but I cant check - can anyone connect or not, cause nobody playing it.

Welcome to the PPSSPP forums.
Well, first of all, playing on and on Evolve are two different things. If you are hosting a game on you won't be able to on Evolve at the same time and vice-versa. So you'll need to choose, play on or Evolve.
By playing on you don't need to install anything else, just PPSSPP emulator. However, you must have DMZ Host enabled in your Router/Hub/Switch or else you won't be able to see any players due to blocked ports.

If you cannot enable DMZ Host, then it would be best to give Evolve a try since it supports UPnP (enabled by default in almost everything nowadays), so you won't need to mess with any settings in your Router/Switch/Hub.
To play on Evolve you'll need the VPN program, once installed, create an account on their site. Then you'll need to log in the program with that username and password you've just registered on their website.
Once logged in, go to Preferences and install the Evolve Party System (just tick the checkbox), located on the Features tab:

[Image: htzD1U.jpg]

That's all. Now you just need to create or join a Party on Evolve.
You'll be assigned an IP once you are a member of a Party, so copy this IP and paste into the PPSSPP emulator's Change PRO ad hoc server IP adress field and check the Built-in PRO Adhoc Server box if you're hosting a game, if not, leave it unchecked.
Then, your friends will need to join the same Party and paste your Evolve Party IP (because you'll be hosting the game, if they're hosting, then you'll need to copy their Evolve Party IP) into their PPSSPP emulator's Change PRO ad hoc server IP adress field.

Remember, everyone must be in the same Evolve Party or else it won't work.
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