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Difference Between DX9 and OpenGl
01-02-2015, 04:19 PM
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RE: Difference Between DX9 and OpenGl
(01-02-2015 03:06 PM)Bigpet Wrote:  Driver support on Windows can be really spotty, so some people have better performance with D3D and some with OpenGL. There also may still be some bugs that make things look different. Of course there's also various tools that hook into Direct3D or OpenGL.

Also, the postprocessing shaders aren't translated to hlsl, so you can't run them in D3D

So is it safe to say that openGl is being prioritized by developers ?? and it is getting more work done on it ?? Or is it both versions have something going for it ?

(01-02-2015 03:56 PM)fivefeet8 Wrote:  For AMD video cards, there is a nominal increase in performance switching to D3d.

Well interesting are they really that different ?? It is so interesting why did the dev team decided to make two different versions ?
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