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Which Android phone should I upgrade to?
12-29-2014, 11:10 PM
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RE: Which Android phone should I upgrade to?
I recently bought the JXD S5800, and I'm pretty satisfied.

+Physical controls.
+Incredibly powerful speakers.
+Removable battery.
+Dual SIM card.
+5'' screen.
-Pretty underpowered by today's standards.
-Speakers don't handle bass or treble well, so outside of phone calls - you're better off using headphones.
-Shitty cameras with no flash.
-Overall size of a 6-7'' phablet.

It looks kind of weird when you take it out of your pocket (like an elongated PSP), but unless you're too shy to take it out in public - it's a great gaming phone. Also, I think that its resolution is pretty adequate - I can't really tell under normal usage the difference between 540p and 720p on a screen that size. The main qualm I have with it is it having no flash module, because now I can't use my phone as a proper flashlight.

I also read some good reviews for the Much W1 (78p01 or 78dian), but I don't think it justifies the price tag ($300).
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