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windows 7 32 bit doesnt start at all
01-20-2015, 01:10 PM
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RE: windows 7 32 bit doesnt start at all
(01-20-2015 12:45 AM)[Unknown] Wrote:  Make sure you've installed Windows 7 SP1. There are bugs in Windows that prevent PPSSPP from working properly on Windows 7 without SP1.

Can you find the first version that does not work, and the last version that does work? Try going by halves if possible (like go back 90, if it doesn't work, go down 45, otherwise go up 45... should go quick.) This will tell us which change caused it.

You made a couple small grammar errors, but your English is generally pretty good and understandable. My Spanish isn't even close to as good as your English.


my spanish its horrible i think yours its good and the Windows 7 its ultimate service pack 1 and v0.9.9-45-....... works and that merged by Henryk works too of the adhoc by anr2ME and sum2012 but above this one stops working properly wanna know my configurations? Channel for br hunters on ppsspp and for all who's interested in hunting monster with some other brs
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