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[Android][Pre-v0.7][Fast] Dragoneer's Aria
09-05-2013, 11:30 PM
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RE: Dragoneer's Aria
(09-01-2013 08:43 AM)globe94 Wrote:  hi everyone,
im using ppsspp since v0.5
i dont have problem with the graphics of the game "dragoneer's aria" before.
but now,with 0.9.1 the game though runs perfectly without frameskip but flickers a lot and the (hp/mana/status)
screen is frequently missing then goes back then gone again. dont know the problem. it did'nt happened in the
previous versions but now it does.
im just an avid gamer. dunno about fixing. i hope someone fix it.
btw my android phone is cherry mobile flame 1.2ghz dual core snapdragon processor.

Hi! I suppose you're a Filipino by having a Cherry Mobile phone. I happen to have a Cherry Mobile phone and I'm also a Filipino. It's Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X with 1.0 GHz dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2. Try to off "Multithreaded" on System tab. I just finished this game. And it flickers my screen if I try to use that option. Goodluck to you Smile
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