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Do you think the PS4 and XB1 can be prejudiced for be based in a PC hardware?
11-06-2014, 07:25 PM
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RE: Do you think the PS4 and XB1 can be prejudiced for be based in a PC hardware?
Actually, being closer to PC is what makes consoles less likely to succeed.
If you'll look at consoles until the last generation, they were all specialized hardware - look at Sony, for example. The PlayStation had the RISC MIPS chipset, which allowed it to run 3D games in 1994 - just look at Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. They were amazing for their time, even compared to games on the PC which needed high end computers, such as Half Life and Unreal.
The PS2 had the Emotion Engine, a 7 core behemoth which allowed it to run games in great quality, such as God of War, and it's still very hard to emulate. Still, it was being outdated, and games that were ported from the PC to the PS2 had to be nerfed because it lacked the memory (such as Deus Ex).
The PS3 had the Cell core, which is also what old Macs are using. This marked the serious decline, as some developers were very familiar with that chipset, and almost every game released on PS3 was basically "High" setting on PC, not Ultra.

What I'm getting to is this - hardware can't keep up after 5-7 years. That's a full console cycle. Heck, Moore's Law states that after 2 years, something twice as better will be available - and that is made more apparent if we're comparing hardware that is of similar type to another one - in our case the x86 CPUs, which are shared by the XBone, the PS4, and the PC.
That is because cross developing becomes less problematic and more optimizations can be made globally rather than per-system. Also, since those optimizations are known to every developer from the get-go, we can expect to see less exclusive quality titles coming out in late console life. It may even drag down cross platform games because the PC version will not utilize its full potential.

Anyway, that's just my analysis.

@Haseeb, PC games require more tinkering as a whole - be it because it's a crappy port or just because you need to fiddle with the options screen for game settings, so I can understand the convenient part.
However, I don't understand the efficient part. I mean, I can do everything I want on my PS3, including installing Linux and just messing around. Actually, that was around since the PS2 and XBox, making them (the XBox especially) a weird PC. So, how are consoles more efficient?
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