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03-05-2013, 02:18 AM
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Sounds great to me.

Last time I built on my Mac it did work. I had just broken the build momentarily (sorry), so you might've just been unlucky. Also, I recently had to change the cmake file to specify libc++ though, or it would not link - got STL errors. Are you going off the latest master? If so, what errors are you getting? I was using Xcode 4.6.

Warning fixes are definitely always welcome, as long as they're correct.

One thing we need is something to properly package a with the assets and such. CPack may be the right way, not sure - I only know a little about Macs.

Also, I think the current build uses SDL, but the Qt interface is much further along. It might be better to try to get that working, although I'm not sure Qt and Xcode play nice together.

For emulation related stuff, I definitely suggest trying to get psplink working. I have no idea how to do it on a Mac, but it shouldn't be impossible. That way, you can write simple tests and run them on the PSP. What we do is have a library of these (needs work) in pspautotests/, which we compare output against the emulator to make sure it's exactly the same.

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