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Analog Stick Issues
08-22-2014, 01:36 AM
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Information RE: Analog Stick Issues
(08-21-2014 11:47 PM)gotex007 Wrote:  So I'm using a standard Microsoft brand Xbox 360 controller and for some reason with both sticks, there's an issue where a few degrees when pressing down/left near the "corner" it wigs out (like I slowly move it more left and I go from going southwest to south to southwest again) and sometimes becomes non-responsive as if I'm not pressing it down.

This might not be a very good explanation for the problem I'm having, but it has cost me a lot of points in Hot Shots Tennis. Is there anything I can do about the issue? I've sat and verified that it isn't my controller that's the problem by staring at the calibration information as I slowly rotate the stick. It's also only southwest I believe.
Hi there, welcome to the PPSSPP forums,

Are you by any chance using v0.9.9-94-ga5fec26 or later version of this emulator, the developers have included a custom Analog Limiter since then, and is found under the Controls Tab, right at the bottom of page on both PC & Android builds.
The default is now set at 0.60, but it used to be set at 0.50 I believe it was, so adjust that to whatever your Analog sticks require to run correctly in your case.

Hope that helps. Cool
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