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Does PPSSPP use gpu to boost speed?
09-08-2014, 01:18 PM
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RE: Does PPSSPP use gpu to boost speed?
Hi, sorry for necroing.
I've been using the gt 520 and the boost is very high.
In Macross Triangle Frontier, if I put the internal resolution to 2x it can run at 100% all the time, even with frameskip disabled.
If I use the TAB key, the max speed is around 200%/300%.

Before I could not have this performance. With 2x internal and frameskip disabled it ran at about 50%.

As I said my CPU is very old but even then the boost was quite high.
So I think that, compared to other emulators, PPSSPP uses the GPU a lot.

I've not tested with performance hogs like God of War or GTA. But it's certain that it will be better than before (15% XD).
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