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How good is PPSSPP on the Nvidia Shield Tablet?
09-30-2014, 02:38 PM (This post was last modified: 09-30-2014 02:55 PM by donzbegonz.)
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RE: How good is PPSSPP on the Nvidia Shield Tablet?
Interesting. In a youtube video, the guy had Ghosts of Sparta running on his NVIDIA shield tablet at full speed and full framerate, but the audio was disabled.

I never thought to disable the audio. I always thought that my Shield Tablet should definitely have enough juice with its K1 processor. Turns out the whole problem is audio causing lag.

I wonder if a fix can be found for this soon in the emulator, because I think the exact same thing is happening when I play GTA: Vice City Stories

(09-30-2014 01:45 PM)fivefeet8 Wrote:  
(09-30-2014 12:58 PM)Alexia2233 Wrote:  Huh, really? Does it run well though?

It runs very well. If you check my youtube channel, I have many videos of PPSSPP running games at full speed on the tablet.

FiveFeet I enjoyed your YouTube channel. Looks like you are having great success getting both MupenAE and PPSSPP to work on your NVIDIA Shield tablet. Funnily enough those are the only two emulators I care about getting to work on my Shield tablet haha. I also thoroughly enjoyed the way you experiment with different texture packs with Mupen.

For Mupen which plugin do you find the most success with? For me I seem to have most success with Glide64 Plugin, but I have to lower the resolution to 800x600 for it to run at proper speeds.

And I would love to see your PPSSPP settings, Even though I think the problems I'm having are because of audio bugs in the emulator.
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