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AntiMicro your fix for gamepad/controller related problems
07-20-2014, 09:54 PM (This post was last modified: 04-18-2017 05:40 AM by ZeroX4.)
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AntiMicro your fix for gamepad/controller related problems
So many users have problems with getting their controllers/gamepads to work

and here is my solution to that problems which is little program called AntiMicro

1st of all AntiMicro is FREE program that allow you to EMULATE
keyboard and mouse actions or/and buttons/keys via your gamepad
(Lets you use gamepad to press keyboard and mouse buttons and movements)


1st thing you wanna do is to DOWNLOAD AntiMicro (CLICK MAH) <('.'< ) and extract/install it
Alternate Download Link

2. Controller Mapping

On AntiMicro window

A - Click controller mapping
B - Press corresponding buttons on gamepad to highlighted on green buttons on image in upper right
C - Skip guide button if you dont have xbox gamepad
D - Save it when ur done (you do it only once for new controller each new controller need to be mapped
like that just 1 time)

[Image: WAlNPP4.png]

3. Removing PPSSPP binded keys

Go to ppsspp settings > controls > control mapping and remove all bindings for
gamepad and xbox controller (Click that X to remove)

[Image: cr33XyN.png]

so it looks like this

[Image: fQbUJkE.png]

4. Binding keys to gamepad

Press any button on ur gamepad it will highlight on AntiMicro click it there and map
key u desire to it then do the same with rest of the keys

i suggest you set all 3 movements button types (D-pad + left and right analog) as arrows
(arrows up down left right) so both analogs and D-pad on gamepad will simulate pressing D-pad

in next section we will add analogs via SETS

[Image: pleSCyo.png]

5. Setting up sets

On bottom of AntiMicro window you have "SETS" use different sets to make different buttons
layout for same profile for example add special functions for L2 R2 and analog buttons
or change movement keys for D-pad and analogs

my is
- L2 shoulder button = Full screen
- R2 shoulder button = Turbo/speed up
- Left analog button = Save state
- Right anlog button = Load state
- Rest buttons in same place as on actual psp

[Image: mQmrI7n.png]

when you have done your 1st set

A - Select set 2
B - Click sets button
C - Chose copy from set 1 (click yes to confirm)
D - Change left analog (or both) to (looking at it as up, right, down, left) I L K J
E - Save your profile (or save as your profile if you did not did it yet for example as PPSSPP)
F - OPTIONALLY you can change names of set buttons like i did click sets button>settings

[Image: 63TUiDc.png]

when done remember to save your profile for example as PPSSPP its always wise to save often

and from that moment your gamepad related problems should not exist with PPSSPP

in Attachment you have profile i made for AntiMicro for PPSSPP
Same that is on this screens (you need to unzip this profile idk why but i could not upload XML file)

AntiMicro have many more functions like:
- auto/rapid fire (adjustable speed/rate good for vertical/horizontal shooters)
- dedicate/use any button(s) on set to switch to other set while button is held or 1 way or 2 ways (good for having 1 set with D-pad movements only or analog movements or mix of them)
- executing combination of buttons by pressing 1 button (good for fighting games)
- executing sequence of actions by pressing 1 button (good for special moves in fighting games)
- mouse movements (if ur lazy you can create set with mouse movements and clicks to navigate trough menu)
- i dont know the name of that option but lets say you have RPG game and u walking from left to right to encounter battles to gain exp/money/items/whatever with AntiMicro you can set 1 button that when you press it it works as left arrow when you release it and press it again its right arrow and so go on
good thing from it would be if lets say psp have save slot 1 selected after pressing 1 and slot 2 after pressing 2 and so go on you can jump trough all slots pressing one button this save space per set

6. Enjoy it and remember AntiMicro using is not a crime Wink

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Try AntiMicro graphical program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad/controller.
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