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Danball Senki W
09-16-2015, 12:35 PM (This post was last modified: 09-16-2015 04:44 PM by Threule.)
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RE: Danball Senki W
Allright, seems that nobody updates this thread, whatever, I'll do it
Cutscenes has no sound at the moment of 1.0.1, also sometimes they black out.
Changes between game scenes, scenarios and dialogues sometimes get your fps low. Gets stable in 2-5 secs or so
Battles seems to be OK, no lag at all, except when they load
Zone menu also gets the 2-5 secs unstabilization.

tl;dr seems to be a problem with hud things loading

Seems to be some sort of error with leg outline. Can anyone with a PSP check if that happens too? (Noticed at Odin+Fenrir+Pandora VS Three Deqoo looking LBX)
The game goes around 30 FPS, if only someone could do a 60fps patch
Anyway, off the review topic. How do you disable that outline in characters?
EDIT: Either sound is not properly played on dialogues, or talkin is tch tch tch
EDIT 2: After Hiro changed his clothes, that Aquilles Deed dialogue has a background error
EDIT 3: The same happens when Hiro receives Senshiman figure
EDIT 4: After some battle under the mall, near seekers base, the game crashes
EDIT 5: Crashes seems to happen under Frame Skip
EDIT 6: Sometimes game stucks in now loading. You cant get past there since you cant install it <--- Fix: Save at every MeTaMo (lil' robot) you see. If you get a Now Loading, restart emulation, load game
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