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Screen capture in SDL (Ubuntu)?
07-10-2014, 10:33 PM
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RE: Screen capture in SDL (Ubuntu)?
@xsacha: Thank you very much for you reply, and especially for the rm command. I was trying "make clean" but that clearly wasn't cutting it.

I confess I may be entirely missing something here, but out of curiosity, why can't "Take Snapshot" be implemented in the same fashion that "Toggle Fullscreen" is? I.e. as a map-able button through the in-emu UI? I was able to go through the Controls menu and map Toggle Fullscreen to my spacebar. So if there was an entry for "Take Snapshot", I could map it to F12 or something. The only thing required is what directory to save the snapshots to, but the SDL version already understands to save things in ~/.config/ppsspp/psp, so what's one more folder?

Just wondering. Thanks again for your help.
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