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[Solved] phantasy star portable 2 cwcheat problem
06-04-2014, 11:51 AM
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RE: phantasy star portable 2 cwcheat problem
The thing about cheat.db files on the net is that they collect everything, you get loads of duplicate codes and stuff without proper description, partial codes as well, quite likely those not working cheats were just made for different versions of the game.
That's pretty much why I'm not a fan of those files. It's much better to just search by the cw cheat header "_S game-code" for this game it would be "_S ULUS-10529", in most cases it's quicker because you have more chance of getting proper, working codes that will not waste time by crashing your game or make you test useless stuff like standing on your head just to make them work and certainly will clutter cheat menu way less since you can just copy cheats you need and not all of them with many duplicates.

About your CE tries I can tell you for sure through, that if you "found value, which get's refreshed by game" you actually did not found the value you seek. You made a very common mistake of assuming that displayed value is actually variable you wish to change, it often is, but about same amount of times it isn't.
I understand that this can be hard to understand for less experienced people, you find a value which is reflected on the screen and think it was success, but to begin with to cheat, you're not interested in finding value from the screen, but value which has it's place in actual gameplay calculations, it can be stored in different format, the whole logic could be inverted in compare to what you see on the screen, it could even be calculated from few different values by some function.
Use different scan options, limit your search range to psp ram or at least smaller range than full memory search to not waste time and you'll eventually find your thing or at least gain some experience trying. Also make sure you have "MEM_MAPPED" in edit>settings>scan settings enabled, otherwise CE will only find mirror copies of psp ram which are useless for cheats, but I guess you probably already did that, since almost every post about CE reminds about this requirement for ppsspp:]. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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