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¿PPSSPP v0.9.8-695 no funciona en XP?
05-23-2014, 08:57 AM
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RE: ¿PPSSPP v0.9.8-695 no funciona en XP?
Traducción de Google:
PPSSPP funciona correctamente en Windows XP. Veo que usted tiene MSVCP120.dll en su directorio. Eliminar esa DLL, porque usted ya ha instalado el tiempo de ejecución VS2013. Esa DLL extra no es necesaria, y es la causa del problema que usted tiene.

In English, if that translation isn't readable:
PPSSPP works correctly on Windows XP. I see that you have MSVCP120.dll in your directory. Delete that DLL, because you already installed the VS2013 runtime. That extra DLL is not necessary, and is causing the problem you are having.

You said you already installed VS2013's runtime, so why do you have that DLL too?

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