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How to use Mouse as Analog?
10-02-2016, 07:05 PM
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RE: How to use Mouse as Analog?
If your playing monster hunter I've gotten used to a keyboard setup
Square: A
Triangle: F+Q
Cross: D
Circle: S+Q
L-trigger: Left shift
R-trigger: Space
Analog: up=up, down=down, left=left, right=right each of these refers to arrow keys.
D-pad: set up=I, Down=K, Left=J+/,Right=L+Right Shift
the reason for the D-pad setup is so you can move around using the up arrow key and use the D-pad camera to guide you to where you want to go. I normally use my middle finger for up arrow and my Index for D-pad left and my ring finger for D-pad right. you will have to hop to I,K for Y-axis views, but i normally always have it set to the same view throughout the battle.

Refer to the shape button key up top:
The reason i have my shape buttons setup as they do is because each button is in sort of a chronological spot, what i mean by this is.
use your right ring finger on A key, middle finger on S key, Index finger on D key, and then i hop from D to F key using the same index finger.
Depending on if your playing MHFU or MHP3rd the confirmation buttons may be different but it doesn't change during combat. L-shift is your pinky to access your item cycle and space is your Sprint key.

A button: is your Square button and item and sheathe button, which is set like this so you aren't as tempted to mistake it for another button and you end up wasting an item or sheathing at the wrong moment then getting you ass handed to you by a deviljho or Elder dragon.

S button: is your circle button which is your primary attack. This is the S button for a good reason which ill explain later.

D button: is your roll button and depending on the game your confirmation or cancel button. This button is your friend never forget that.

F button: is your secondary or primary attack it doesn't really matter which is which. the reason its setup here is because if Your D key was your S key then it would be hard to press both simultaneously For your third attack. and since you don't always have you index on your D key you can use your index and middle key to press the attack buttons

Q button: this isn't necessary, but i find it makes it easier to press both Circle and Triangle buttons at the same time rather than using both fingers. Instead all you do is move your ring finger from the A key up to your Q key and you can easily use your third attack.

L-trigger: L-trigger is Shift because it allows you to access your items and cycle through them to find the one you need. this is shift because you don't have to move your Pinker from the shift button at any point during the game. This means you can cycle through using your shape keys while holding down your shift key. You know what i mean.

R-trigger: R-trigger is your space button. This is your sprint button. its like your L-trigger button, you will never have to move it from your space key which means you are able to sprint at anytime and be able to dolphin dive (D key used when running away from monster).

I also forgot to mention your start and select keys. I have mine set to left enter/return and \ but it doesn't make much of a difference unless your using bowgun and have to combine a lot so you have to access your menu often.

I hope this helps your monster hunter players out there cause it sure did help me.
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