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Frame skip interface issue.
05-10-2014, 08:26 PM (This post was last modified: 05-10-2014 08:31 PM by [Unknown].)
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RE: Frame skip interface issue.
If you have frameskip set to auto, the frameskip value is the maximal number of frames to skip.

If you set this to 0, it would mean "skip at most 0 frames." That is the same as frameskip off, so it makes no sense. That's why you're not allowed to configure it that way.

If you want a fixed frameskip at 1 frame, turn off auto. If you want to skip at most 1 frame, but never 2 frames and sometimes 0, turn on auto and set it to 1.


By the way, you are not the first person to ask this. What do you expect auto frameskip set to 0 to actually do? I don't even understand that concept. What do you think the 0 means?

I can understand you might not realize it's the maximum allowed frameskip, but what do you think it would indicate otherwise?

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