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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
06-09-2016, 12:02 PM
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RE: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
(06-09-2016 01:48 AM)[Unknown] Wrote:  Sorry, I often miss pops and clicks unless they're pretty obvious, since I don't have spectacular hearing. I know this game has some pitch issues still, so if it has pops and clicks I don't notice, I'm willing to believe it.

Not sure it's likely you'd run across 5 games with the same issue, since most games do not have the same pitch issues. Are you using default settings? If not, try reverting to defaults.

If you're using some wireless device or headset to play the audio, these usually introduce latency and cause problems. Additionally, if your display syncs at less than 60 fps (for example, Nexus 5 has apparently a firmware bug which causes a 58 fps refresh rate), you'll need to enable auto frameskipping or you WILL get pops and clicks in games that run at 60 fps (30 fps games should be fine.)

Otherwise, you should verify you're getting 100% speed. If you're not, you need to use frameskipping or turn down settings (like upscaling.) You can verify by enabling the FPS display in settings, set it to "Both." If it shows less than 100%, you'll probably get audio issues because PSP games produce sound realtime - if they aren't running realtime, the audio won't be smooth either.


I went ahead and got a ton of other ROMs to try. All of them suffer this same issue, and I believe you are correct that I may be miscategorizing the problems with the sounds on this (and other) games as a problem with a particular game or the sound processing when in fact it's an issue with the emulation process itself being a horrendously inefficient means of PSP graphics production - not with regards to this specific game but with all games. When there are issues with any emulated platform, they exhibit different symptoms. PPSSPP's appear to generate loud audio distortions (popping, clicking, and skipping) when slowdowns occur. Taking for example, PS1 or PS2, sound sample durations are physically increased in situations where problems exist, which is far less obnoxious than the popping in PSP games.

I have used default settings and tinkered with tons of other ones. I just don't think I'm meant to emulate PSP games. I'd believe an Adreno 320 in my SD600 might have a rough time with PSP games, but you'd really think a GT840M would be enough to hack literally any of them considering it's almost as fast as tons of the GPU's PPSSPP was built to run on. Failing that, my gaming rig's GTX560Ti can play Deadspace 3 maxed out at 40FPS and cannot handle this emulator running final fantasy tactics skipping rendering 4 frames per second without clicking and popping like it's going to blow up which I find to be a little strange. The answer (in short) appears to be "skip tons of frames, because nothing short of a supercomputer can effectively run PPSSPP without hugely obvious sound issues... you know, or buy another PSP."

Thanks a ton for your help. These questions have probably been answered a billion times and I appreciate your relenting to doing so yet again with me.
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