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[Tutorial] Android-Host LocalMultiplayer using PortableWifiHotspot
05-30-2014, 06:15 AM (This post was last modified: 05-30-2014 06:20 AM by nc50lc.)
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RE: [Tutorial] Android-Host LocalMultiplayer using PortableWifiHotspot
(05-30-2014 12:28 AM)Rizal Wrote:  Can someone help me , ihave done every single step listed but mhfu always freezes when i want to enter online gath hall , im using the latest android ppsspp build from google play
I tried to reproduce that freezing problem, and this what I got:
- Check your ppsspp.ini if your AdhocServer was correctly typed.
- You must Start your Android's Portable Wi-fi Hotspot, not Wi-Fi if youre hosting the server.
- Not as Server? Your Using but you are connected to a router.
(overall, wrong adhocserver IP makes it freeze)
Other errors:
- Fast Memory checked - It works normally, but sometimes it crash mostly on the 2nd attempt to enter.
- Communications Error message - Adhocserver.apk isn't working in the background; Not Connected to a wifi network or Forgot to start PortableWifi Hotspot.
(ppsspp v0.9.8.865 but Playstore Version is fine too)

(05-29-2014 12:15 PM)dave belacha Wrote:  Yeah, tekken 6 freezes when you go to the battle lobby....can someone help me..

Sry, I dont have Tekken6
I think there's a specific build needed fot it to work.
Just check the Tekken6 Online Thread, Multiplayer Freeze/Crash/Errors often the same no matter what is the connection you're using.

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