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[SOLVED : crredit to LUNAMOO] MH3 mem stick duo not inserted ~B10
03-19-2014, 01:57 AM
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RE: Ask:MH3 save issue " the mem stick duo ~B10 used to start this game was mot inserted"
This is not really a saving issue, it's a very bothersome feature of MH games. The game basically allows to save only on previously saved save, it's basically synchronizing what it has in psp memory with save saved on memstick. Savestates are more or less memory dumps, so if you do something like:
- save the game normally,
- save the game using savestate.
Doesn't matter which one you load next time the game will be fine, but if you do something like:
- save the game using savestate,
- save the game normally.
The game memory keept in savestate will be desynchronized with actual save, so if running the game next time you load it using that savestate you'll break it;p. This actually happens in quite a few other games(for example both LoA) in which deleting old save is enough to fix, unfortunately MH series is retarded when it comes to this and will not allow you to save the game at all unless you have correctly synchronized in-game save.

There are only two known ways of restoring synchronization as of now, if you bugged through alot of hours and have a pc with windows, you can try re-creating old save from game memory using my instructions in here. Unfortunately if you glitched your game before it made a copy of your old save in memory this method will not work;p.

The second way is much simpler and can be done on any OS at any time, you'll loose all the progress made on desynchronized savestate through:]. Basically run the game and load it normally without using the savestate.

Next time either remember to never desynchronize your save or don't use savestates at all. I wouldn't go soo far about it through, as long as you'll use only normal in-game save to load your progress every time you start playing and remember to save the game normally often to quickly notice if you accidently desynchronized it, you should be safe to abuse savestates as well.
This "problem" will always exist since it's just a perfectly working game feature. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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