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Ikki Tousen Xross Impact
06-05-2013, 04:36 PM (This post was last modified: 06-08-2013 06:35 AM by yarrmateys.)
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RE: Ikki Tousen Xross Impact
title: Ikkitousen Xross Impact
genre: beat'em up
game version: jp
format: iso
version: 0.7.6-1125
game id: NPJH50222
os: windows xp
compatibility: playable
notes: almost solid 60 fps. music and voices play very good, sound effects are extremely delayed, often by more than 5 seconds. from time to time a loud beep is audible when music loops. advertising animation blinks. ingame, effects lack transparency (possibly need color mask implementation, that helped in jpcsp i think). sprites often turn into garbled mess for a split second. log is spammed by errors.
[Image: 7nSaFAo.png]
[Image: 7jVCdoz.png]
logs: attached.

i noticed that the garbled sprites are caused by vertex cache. if it's off, the sprites look fine. maybe it's caused by some sort of optimizations?

the log spam is sometimes gone, sometimes it still happens. not sure what triggers it.

the ad video spits out a lot of errors, with some unimplemented methods.

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