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(android)small bug with big problems being ignored
05-15-2013, 05:50 AM
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(android)small bug with big problems being ignored
there's a minor bug in how game icons are loaded that's being ignored(it has been posted in the issues list of github, but nobody looks at it)

if ppsspp fails to load an icon for a game, it crashes.
this means if you have a game(homebrew) without a proper icon ppsspp will crash the moment you go to a folder containing that game.
it's even worse if you've played the game in the past, the recent games list will attempt to load the icon and ppsspp crashes before the menu is loaded.

one game I've noticed that triggers this problem is panic paradyz.
I thought it was strange how nobody seemed to care about ppsspp no longer working at all for several days, until I found out it was because of 1 homebrew game.
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