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Save Game directory location
02-17-2022, 08:11 AM
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Save Game directory location
I've read the Sticky post about data locations, I just want to make sure I understand it correctly;

Am I correct in assuming that if PPSSPP is installed via the installer, on pre-Vista systems, the PPSSPP data directory will be in "My Documents" and on Vista/7/8/10/11, it will be in "Documents"?

Also, I assume that's in the current user's profile directory?

Does that change if PPSSPP is installed for all users versus just for the current user?

The reason I ask is because I'm writing a Windows script to make managing saves easier. I plan to make it menu driven and a key feature will be that it will use the directory name of each save to identify the game it belongs to from a list of game IDs I've compiled (mostly from the PSX Datacenter, supplemented by Google searches). At minimum, it will generate a text list showing what game each save belongs to, and allow you to interactively delete saves that you no longer want. I may add options to copy the saves to another location, and maybe create/restore backups. It depends how long my ambition holds out and how much of a pain in the a** each additional option is to add.

The method of identifying the games isn't perfect as some Japanese releases have shorter game IDs, and there's no way to tell the actual game ID from the extraneous characters on the end of the directory name, so it just takes the four letters at the start and the first five numbers that follow it and uses that as the ID. It works for most mainstream releases and it should be rare that it can't ID a game.

I figured once I have it finished and polished, I'd release it, but I want to make it as easy to use as possible. To that end, I wanted to make it so that it can run from the save directory itself, from the main PPSSPP directory, or if PPSSPP was installed rather than unzipped, run from anywhere and it will automatically find the save directory on the C: drive. That way, people wouldn't necessarily have to know where the saves are located in order to use it.

It already works if copied to the SAVEDATA directory, but I wanted to make it more flexible.
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