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01-07-2021, 11:54 AM
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Hello everyone,

Been using PPSSPP for a long while now, both on Windows and Android and everything works great.
On a less capable computer i started using a tool called SCRCPY to mirror the screen of my phone on the computer so that i can still play on it.

SCRCPY ( is a phone screen mirror that also lets you use your mouse as touch inputs and your keyboard as virtual keyboard.

My issue with this is that on PPSSPP on android, even after configuring all the keys of the keyboard as game inputs (directions, analog, face buttons), when returning in game only the buttons configured to the arrow keys work as intended, none of the other keys work.

Go to another message and write? all keys work. Open PPSSPP and configure all keys? all keys are shown and able to be mapped correctly. (see attachment) Switch to in game, only the keys mapped to the arrow keys work, be it a direction or X or O.
This issue only happens in game and i cant seem to find what could be causing it.

SCRCPY has some commands to change the way text is inserted and even changing those seems to not produce any change inside PPSSPP.

Do you know any way this issue can be solved?

Thanks to all in advance!

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