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Ratatouille - Let's all go to the lobby - How to Jump
11-22-2020, 07:20 PM
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Ratatouille - Let's all go to the lobby - How to Jump
I am at Linguini apartment - Let's go to the lobby level. And I am near the end of the level where you have to press the button. I have just gone up to the pole and jumped onto the swinging light and then onto the next swinging light. After that you have to jump again but its too far.

I looked up a walkthrough video and see they are jumping then doing a spinning jump from mid air, but then doing an additional jump in mid air to get to the target. I can only seem to jump then do a single spinning jump in mid air but two spinning jumps.

Do I need to purchase this jump ability from the shop? I have been to the shop but can't see any option.

I am also using playing it through an emulator on my pc and therefore can load it each time I fall. I have tried hundreds of times but does not seem possible without this additional jump ability.

Please help
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