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WipEout Pulse - High-Definition [07/07/2021]
04-08-2020, 08:08 AM (This post was last modified: 09-16-2021 08:56 PM by NR74W.)
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WipEout Pulse - High-Definition [07/07/2021]
Compatibility :
  • UCES00465 : Europe
  • UCET00713 : Europe (Beta)
  • UCUS98712 : USA
  • UCAS40179 : Asia
Screenshots :
Side-by-side 4K screenshots comparison.
The resolution (7680x2300) and size (from 2 to 10 MB) are too large for the pictures to be displayed here. To view a screenshot, open a new tab from the hypertext links below.
The Intro Standard and Gameplay Standard screenshots resolution was reduced to fit the GitHub limit of 10 MB per file.
Essential improvements :
  • 60 FPS
The game has a built-in framerate limiter which is enabled for the intro FMV and the main menu.
Although it does not seem to improve gameplay (the game runs natively at 60 FPS), the main menu runs smoother.
Credits goes to Kabuto_Kun for creating this code.

Europe (UCES00465) : (Note: The intro FMV and the main menu will run twice as fast, however this is not an issue.)
_C1 Force 60 FPS
_L 0x2011DDF8 0x00000000
  • Glow effect
The glow effect of WipEout Pulse does not scale well at higher resolutions and results in artifacts (pixelation) around the text and some bright objects : Example
To fix this, set "Lower resolution for effects" to "Aggressive" in the Graphics options.
  • Postprocessing effects
The Supersampling AA (Gauss) shader is a great alternative for anti-aliasing (better than FXAA), and is recommended to be used with the texture pack.
It does have a slight impact on performance, however.
  • ZIM format
The texture pack now supports the ZIM format, which improves performance and reduces stuttering.
The only drawback is that the pack size is now slightly larger, but the estimated performance gain of 2.75x is worth it.
The ZIM texture pack is only compatible with PPSSPP v1.11.3-694 and later.
Special thanks to Verymelon Benda (Saramagrean) for the compiled ZimTool.

Issues :
Q: The game sometimes stutters in gameplay.
A: The PNG format is at fault, and the ZIM format is not fast enough for a stutter-free experience.
The Vulkan video backend is known to perform worse (slower) than D3D11 and OGL for texture replacement.
At a future date, texture replacement improvements for PPSSPP should fix this.

Progress :
In Menu :
  • Font : 100% (5/5)
  • Intro : 100% (9/9)
  • Menu (Primary) : 100% (14/14)

    Menu (Secondary)
  • Tracks (Previews): 100% (108/108)
  • Music : 100% (17/17)
  • Loading : 100% (2/2)
  • Loading (Backgrounds) : 48% (12/25)
In Game :
  • HUD : 100% (4/4)
  • Tracks :
    • Standard : 94.4% (1254/1328)
    • Zone : 62.2% (137/220)
  • Ships :
    • 12/12 (Classic)
    • 12/12 (Alternative)
    • 12/12 (Eliminator)
    • 12/12* (Concept)
    • 12/12* (Zone - Type-1 Standard)
    • 12/12 (Zone - Type-2 Zone)
    • Special :
    • 25/25 (Engines)
    • 60/60 (LOD)
    • 22/22 (Wrecks)
  • Adverts : 95.3% (102/107)
  • Effects : 4?% (22/>44)
Current progress (last 3 updates):
Update #53 : Controls added.
Update #54 : Various track improvements.
Update #55 : Texture pack converted to ZIM, improves performance.

Availability :
Download at
Total size : 835 MB (PNG) / 1009 MB (ZIM)

You can also check out the WipEout Pure texture pack here.

Extras :
Custom Grids: A set of modded custom grids, edited beyond what the game's built-in grid creation tool allows, such as the number of laps and Zone / Eliminator targets.
  • Speed Lap / All tracks / Phantom / Unlimited Laps. It's the equivalent of the Free Play mode from WipEout Pure. The gold targets are my personal records.
  • Head to Head / All tracks / Phantom / 10 Laps.
  • Zone / All Zone tracks. The gold targets are my old records.
  • Eliminator / All tracks / Phantom / 200 Kills.
WipEout Pulse - Hard Mode: A difficulty mod that makes the AI a lot harder and affects all 32 tracks. The AI is now much more difficult while remaining beatable.
WipEout Pulse - FX350 Edition: This mod adds the 32 tracks from WipEout Pure to WipEout Pulse, for both Race and Zone modes. Currently, it's very imperfect but it mostly works.

The xdelta3 patches were made for the European version (UCES-00465) and can be applied with a simple drag and drop of the ISO onto the .bat file. The output will be created in a "patch" folder.

The content can be found at

Special thanks :
  • Everyone who contributed to PPSSPP. Thanks to all of you, PSP emulation is great.
  • Studio Liverpool (ex-Psygnosis) for creating this amazing game series in the first place. Thanks (again) for everything.
  • reTokyo for the amazing support and contributions to the project.
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04-13-2020, 09:00 AM (This post was last modified: 04-13-2020 09:06 AM by Turrican2.)
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RE: WipEout Pulse - High-Definition UI [04/10/2020]
Just a small update...

The skyboxes in the PS2 Version a larger then the PSP ones, so I extracted the data and upscaled them. No messy pixelation any more, just the beauty of the artist works. :-)

Grab it from NR74W's Git Hub Page:


[Image: Skybox-Update-01.jpg]
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06-04-2020, 05:09 AM
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RE: WipEout Pulse - High-Definition [06/03/2020]
Incredible job guys. Keep up the good work!!!
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